These were my favourite ever sunglasses. Stella Mc Cartney winter 2004. Bought impulsively but intuitively(I might have been under the influence). A funny thing happened when I was paying for them. I went to pull out my purse from my bag and a sock popped out onto the till. Nobody seemed to mind and amused smiles were exchanged along with hundreds of euro.Before that it was  a Dior romance. 
I have a habit of losing sunglasses but strangely the more expensive ones seem to hang around for longer. My psyche applying the easy come easy go rule for future reference. It is one of the few items I am prepared to fork out on. I will feed on pasta and beans quite happily but when it comes to my precious peepers I want the very very best. Perhaps it is because sunglasses are among my Top Three  Essentials for Getting it Right. 

  1. A killer haircut. I am still sporting a sharp full fringe. Feathering is a crime.  Blunt lines are back. 
  2. Second in my holy trinity is shoes. (Much more on this later.)
  3. Then shades. Be it winter, summer or the in-between ones. These not diamonds are your bessies. 

Currently I am fancying a sexy pair seen in Chanel. The frames are perfect: medium-largish, the lenses good and black. My only misgiving is the naff daisy embellishment that sits on the arms. Hmmmmm …those commitment issues really need some tending to.