The Monster Mash

It is the morning after a night that took six hours to prepare for. Preparations involved most of my favourite activities so work it was not but effort was definitely exerted. The brief was to show up attired in a cool vintage costume from the period spanning 1920s to 1960s. Roommate Beth and  I hit the charity shops of Islington and Crouch End, me showing more than my usual and considerable enthusiasm. She was a little apprehensive about finding the right outfit with only 4 hours to spare. Supported by stiff coffee and a few mouthfuls of chocolate brownie we hit our groove. Beth decided she wanted to shed her conservative reserved self and reveal her inner show girl. No problem. I found her a black taffeta dress with net underskirt to use as a base and we took it from there. Earlier I had told her of this amazing Aladdin’s cave of antique clothing, furniture etc. It is to be found on the  Holloway road and is run by Barry and his two colleagues. I have to say Barry proved to be quite the guy. He dedicated himself to our cause displaying customer service that you couldn’t get if you paid for. He hunted high and low for the mysteriously disappeared black feather boa, and playfully offered up masks and other coy accessories. We left with a green and black lace corset, an authentic riding crop plus a black eye mask. A very powerful little object. I got me a gorgeous red hat.

After a couple of flip-flops I settled on becoming a fifties pin-up. I found the dress at my new favourite charity shop in Crouch End. (These are updated daily if not oftener). The dress has a black buttoned-up bodice with strawberry print skirt. So far so spot on. I built up the look adding my red hat, red bag, corsage, earrings. Of course a pin-up isn’t worth her red lipstick and nail polish if her undergarments aren’t in order. I organised myself into fishnets, lacy black  bloomer knickers and suspender belt . It’s supposed to look authentic right? Beth like the wonderful girl husband she is painted my nails for me and I reciprocated by cutting and pasting her into the dress.

We hit the haunted underground at late o clock. To see the rest of the story in pictures go to my flickr page.


4 thoughts on “The Monster Mash

  1. It’s the lovely lady in the red hat. Hello thre, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for taking such a lovely pic. Hope you had a fab night. I really enjoyed the band 🙂

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