Sartorially sound and weather proof:A success story

My new love.

What with the unprecedented cold spell we are witnessing it is increasingly challenging to manage anything approximating style but today I think I achieved it. I have been experimenting with winter layering for the past two months due to my bronchial weak spot and subsequent pathological fear of getting ill.At first it was a case of me bundling out the door in a spherical mass of jackets and jumpers. Then I became a somewhat more streamlined entity in multiple hats and scarves. Today Dear Readers, to my own astonishment and delight I managed warmth and cute Suzie winter chic. I picked up a woollen jumper worthy of a Wham video on Wednesday. It is of the Christmas variety in a grey, black and white simple daisy and criss/cross pattern. It sits right on my hips and is tight fitting. This is the key to this look – bulky or chunky garments need to be worn snug. Personally I seem to be feeling the cold on my legs and knees most. My artillery to combat this involved; woolly tights, soccer knee-high socks under black skinny jeans and with some heavy-duty puffing and panting I was in and zipped up. I accessorized with knee-high mulberry boots, my rabbit collar and my brand new black bowler hat. I received it last week am a little in love with it. I remember pleading with my Mother back in 1988 to please fetch me one over in London. Kim Bassinger wore one in 9 and a Half  Weeks . The beautiful but love-drugged Elizabeth is on my movie style heroine hit list which is coming shortly…Although at the time  I still embodied a pre-pubescent boy I very much knew fashion gold when I saw it. Alas all I received from Mom’s trip was Simply Red’s album Stars on cassette. Say no more.



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