Great Minds Think Alike.

One of the reasons I decided to do a style blog was to counter the numerous empty and disappointing occasions when I saw my style ideas appear in shop windows and magazine editorials long after making rudimentary notes about them in my little lime Moleskin notepad. At least now these notes to self and inspirational sketches no longer linger beneath the bushel of my procrastinating, undisciplined self. Today for example I opened up last weeks Observer Magazine and what do I see there?

“Anna Dello Russo- Japanese Vogue’s editor at large, blogger extraordinaire international style sensation, internet iconoclast -stands virtually naked in a hotel room in central London, contemplating a raucous fruit-embellished fascinator.”

I may not yet be considered an internet iconoclast or blogger extraordinaire but posted on these here humble pages not along was this pretty prescient baby.

So In Your Face Anna Dello Russo and Devoted Followers!  Deemed by retailers to be too outrageous and flamboyant  for Muswell Hill, behold once again my apples and cherries!

Cue a quick tongue in cheek victory hustle.

In a similar  vein I happened to spot the imperious Black Queen of Individual style Diane  Pernet  in London. To my quiet delight I observed  her hair and gloved hands gilded with silver birds. I’m glad I am in good company is all I’m saying.

Backstage at The Oxfam Bridal Fashion Show Dublin, 2009.
Lovebird Hair Fascinator by Suzieperon

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