Hunters and the hunted.

I have been a busy girl lately. Having capably taken care of my more immediate domestic concerns I found a little time for the important things like custard yellow ball gowns, gratuitous costume changes, treasure hunting at dawn and papping top drawer vintage lovers. Its been quite the week. Exciting developments are afoot in Suzieperon land and I am loving it. I shall keep you posted…

Till next time enjoy the latest parade:

Snow FoxLouise Potter with her precious finds. I like fur you know and this beautiful Snow Fox trimmed coat had me feeling ever so sorry for my own dishevelled Harvey.

Annie Todd’s grace and elegance was unmistakable. She was a pleasure to photograph. I was most taken by her natural poise and artful use of colour.

Fine and feminine. Jewellery designer  Jessica Delotz does vintage her way at The Vintage Fair Regents Park,  Camden. March 14 2011. How perfectly lovely she looks!

And now for the show stopper. Drum rolls and marching bands purleese!

This is the dress that worked magic on my back injury last Sunday. Fashion hurts and heals. Its no lie!  Behold My Yellow Crush

Dress kindly on loan from Galina Sherri.


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