Beige, beige and more beige. Oh and some royal blue of course.

Now that the royal wedding is gratefully behind us I feel an urge to post. It took me by great surprise to witness the extent of the celebrations and the mass reverence evoked across the land that I now see as home. Growing up in Ireland and more importantly my innate inability to see a gargantuan show of extraordinary public obedience as something to get worked up about, I had some difficulty in understanding all the fuss.

My refusal to obey in the ceremony was forthrightly made up for by a million or so enthusiastic fans at the gates and beyond. In truth it all left me somewhat  bewildered and incredulous.  It was impressive the fact that on the day not a single nay sayer did I encounter.  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but the time has come for me to demonstrate the real reason why I didn’t tune in to the event for more than 2 minutes last friday. The attire.

The dress was pretty without a doubt. The brief was filled. Femininity and romance. Tick. Fantasy and womanly elegance. Tick. Decorum. Tick. It was all in there. The McQueen name triumphed from beyond the grave and no doubt he would have been proud or at least his backers would have been.

Its just that as I see it fashion, style or for want of a more comprehensive name for it dressing up is supposed to reflect and express one’s individuality and where is the individuality in a bunch of women wearing a bunch of suits, dress coats and large hats to an event that deems such dull restrictive and largely ludicrously unflattering and age inappropriate get up as all that? Octogenarians and twenty something alike kitted out head to expensively shod toe in monochromatic pastels.The fact that every hat was made by my native brother Pillip Treacy eased the pain a little.

But seriously? And all the pages of exhausting copy, the endless hours of comment on it. The energetic enthusiastic appraisals of hats and well hats actually left me wanting. Wanting to see someone wearing something approaching some true semblance of style. And there she was  the lovely Miriam González Durántez.
Miriam Gonzalez Duantez


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