A Friend in Style

My friend Agnieszka is a sassy lady. My tutor in ceramics and my touchstone in life. Fun exuberant with a wicked michevious laugh. A highly talented artist who works magic in clay, porcelain and oven ready novelty named Supersculpy. A cat lover in size four shoes with a preference for classical art. She is gregarious warm and ever welcoming to the ever expanding circle of friends who come from far and wide to enjoy her husband’s legendary Iranian cuisine. She has an original wit and tremendous personal style that evokes her artistic side. When I first met her she had her blonde locks in an enviable asymmetrical crop. I admire her direct Polish manner  and her feisty assertive confidence. Always generous to a fault  usually in the form of cakes and sugary treats. Knows what I’m talking about when others don’t. Together we’ve come from the the cold dusty workshop on Dublin’s Pearse St to the riotous madness of London. Thanks to the Celtic tiger for delivering her to me.

Here we are enjoying a one day heatwave in Hampstead Heath recently. Agnieszka is wearing one of her marvelous creations around her neck. I was lucky enough to receive one of my very own!


Night clubbing with a difference.

Sadly I haven’t posted in a shockingly long time. Gasp! My poor sad little Mac has been through the wars but under my watchful eye it is still miraculously holding up. I myself have been busy elsewhere doing many exciting projects including styling a shoot in a boxing club in North London. It was a delight and a thrill to work with such an incredible team of young professionals. It was particularly exhilarating as the shoot took place during a training session making for a highly adrenalised and energetic production. I also have had the pleasure of doing a shoot with the exceptionally creative and lovely Mrs Jones. A fun afternoon was had in the squat/studio in Hackney  and the extraordinary creations were modelled by some truly beautiful human creatures resulting in artistic fashion anarchy. It was a theatrical spectacular and the well deserved picnic on the mattress was a most fortifying denouement. Keeping up with Mrs Jones has all the evidence.

Here is a just little taster…

A nicely ordered rail before the creative mayhem got underway.  Super poodle Betty strutting about  the background.

Elsewhere my masterful fascinator skills were put to good use at a hip event in the East End. A sort of night clubbing meets after school activity party where revellers are invited to customise their very own festival headpiece . The heady blend of cocktails and creativity unleashed an outrage of untapped millinery talent. It was quite an experience to watch as the inspired worked furiously at tables topped with fuzzy felt and feathers out doing each other in the quest for head band history. The shameless and satisfied artists then gathered on the dance floor show in a show case of unbridled exhibitionism to some dancelicious tunes.Fun fun and then some.

The Undisputed Winner of the evening. Half man half wildebeest. 100% hilarious awesomeness.