Cutting through the Matrix with Mr Impossible.

I have bee having a lot of fun with this project. It is a nice change to be creating something in a completely new fashion. It is pure play. Play at work which has always been my dream.

It is challenging and amusing to do the recordings. You can hear me laughing once on almost all of them.

Mr Impossible is a high priest of the dark arts as are most of his cohorts. It only adds to the appeal. Mr Impossible is so impossible that he transcends the formula. His character does not have an arc because he is the the full embodiment of an ascended master. A miracle worker ┬áin priestly purple. As shamanic figures go he’s got it all really.


Now for something completely different.

Mr Men Podcasts. Read by yours truly.

Revisiting some old friends. They were wonderful enchanting and hilarious in their day and remain just as delightful today.

Mr Men Podcasts. Read by yours truly.

Episode 1.

Mr Noisy