So sorry for the pitiful dearth of entries lately. London living is a bit taxing at present. Besides all I seem to do lately is encounter technological difficulties. It seems sadly that technologically operated devices sense my presence and squirm. Hence this is taking form in the public library as it seems I need a personal telecommunications consultant or heck a whole flaming squad team just to get broadband installed in the new flat.

This is not to say that I have been neglecting my stylish pursuits. Quite the contrary. Last saturday with temps of -numb toes and sore ears I braved The Boogaloo Vintage market for the second time. With my lungs in tip top shape I accepted a stall in the outdoor stables.  Marketeers and visitors huddled together for warmth and jived to romantic airs on the gramophone. My other armour against the cold was carbs. I ate a whole other self in confectionary and appreciated each and every mouthful. Wouldn’t you?

My lunch, dinner and tea.

I did myself proud on the display front. The hanging lanterns and fairy lights added lustre and warmth to my temporary boutique.  The custom came and sales were made but the day was made by the presence and support of my wonderful London Friends. Thank you dearly Beth, Agnieszka, Sandra, Alison, Ashling and Rina.

Vintage Excellence

My toes have thawed and I am now all enthused and psyched about Friday’s Barboot in Crouch End. Roll up for some Valentine Vintage Love!!!


London Debut

This and more beautiful pieces on sale tomorrow at The Boogaloo Fair

Tomorrow with temperatures of  2 degrees and snow predicted I shall make my London fashion debut. Venue is The Boogaloo Highgate, where it is rumored Shane McGowan resides above shhhh. The hip as hell music bar will be transformed into a Christmas market which promises a vast array of fashion sensations. Vintage lovers, Musos, and Flea Hunters will all be thrilled at the bargains to be found. So now you know what to do. Don your earmuffs, furs, and snow mufflers and haul ass up to The Boogaloo for a heartwarming rummage. Here is a sneak preview of some of my personal booty on sale tomorrow. See you then. X